How Diamonds are priced in a Jewelry Store.

The big day has come, you finally decide he or she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You go down to the local jewelry store and pick out a diamond you like, and BANG! you get hit with the price. It is important to understand that jewelers mark up diamonds from 200% to 1000%. There is huge margin in the sale of a diamond.

Usually, the jeweler will give you a free written appraisal that prices the diamond even higher than what you purchased it for. That appraisal is not a REAL indication of the diamonds value, but just used for insurance purposes.

When selling a diamond keep in mind, the most a buyer would pay for it, is what they can buy it wholesale for. So, if it was marked up 400% when it was purchased from the store, you can expect an offer that is a fraction of what you paid.

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