Institutional Gold and Silver BETS are hugely short

It is not a secret in the industry that the big boys are betting that gold and silver go lower. They are mostly to the short side. For those who may not understand, when a financial firm makes a “SHORT” bet, they are of the belief that the price will go lower, and thus they will make money if it does. If the price goes higher, they will lose money. You may say to yourself, well if the big boys are of the belief that gold and silver prices go lower, then I should SELL now. In most cases when everyone is leaning one way, you want to be a contrarian and go the other way. The reason is that if most of the money is invested on the short side, then much of the selling pressure has already been consumed, and as the price starts to go higher, those same shorts need to BUY in order to limit their losses or cover their gains. We are of the belief that any break below $1150 in gold will probably start us on a slide to $1000. If gold can stabilize here, then we may start a new bull run. Stay Tuned!

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