Why do U.S. coins have more collectible value than foreign coins?

Many customers wonder why their foreign coins are almost worthless. Obviously, foreign coins with gold or silver content will at LEAST be worth the precious metal content. The issue is with clad (or non precious metal) coins. Even old foreign coins don’t have much value, and the reason in that collectors are not really interested in them. For the most part, US coins are the “GOLD STANDARD” in collectible coins.

Also, foreign countries were very inconsistent when placing silver in their coins, sometimes they would start the year off with 20% silver and end the year with 5%. It is not easy for a collector to know which foreign coins contain what percent of silver. Collectors will usually bag up a pound of random foreign coins and sell them as a group for less than $10.

If you are starting a coin collection, stick to U.S. coins.

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