Do you buy broken jewelry?

Yes, we buy any broken gold, silver, or platinum jewelry. We also buy jewelry that isn’t broken if you don’t wear or want it anymore.


Should I clean my coins?

No, do not clean your coins as it may decrease any numismatic value they may have.


Do I need to polish/clean my silver/silverware if its tarnished?

No, there is no need to polish or clean any silver/silverware. Just bring it on in and we will take care of the rest.


Do you buy silver plate?

No, we do not buy anything silver plated at this time.


Would you still buy my watch if it’s not running?

Yes, we specialize in buying high end watches. If your timepiece is not running we can have our experts check it out and we will make you an offer if it is repairable.


Do I need an appointment?

No, please come in to any of our locations whenever it is most convenient for you.


Do I get paid on the spot?

Yes, we just need your state issued ID or drivers license and you will receive immediate payment.


Do you buy diamonds?

Yes, we specialize in buying diamonds of all shapes and sizes.


Do you do repairs?

No, we do not do any repairs at this time.


Do you have a numismatist on staff?

Yes, we have a staff numismatist ready to make you an offer.


Do you give written appraisals?

No, we do not do written appraisals (such as ones required by insurance). Bring your items in for our verbal offer on the spot.


Are you a pawn shop?

No, we are not a pawn shop. Buying outright allows us to offer you a top price for most items.


How does the process work?

Bring your items in and we will give you a fair offer while you wait. The process can take as little as a few minutes to get you in and out! For designer items allow a little more time for us to do a thorough evaluation and make you the highest offer we can.


Do you pawn?

No, we do not offer any pawns or loans. Buying your items outright allows us to make the highest offer we can.


Do you buy gift cards?

No, we do not buy any gift cards.