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Hoping to sell diamonds in CT?

At CT Gold and Silver, one of our gemologists will evaluate your diamond based on 5 main characteristics. These characteristics are CUT, CLARITY, COLOR, CARAT WEIGHT and CERTIFICATES.   The CUT of your stone is the most important trait and helps to determine the brilliance of your stone.  The CLARITY of your stone is determined by the number of inner flaws.  The less flaws, the clearer the stone.  The COLOR of your diamond is what determines how much light passes through.  Colorless diamonds are worth more, because they allow more light to pass. A diamond’s CARAT WEIGHT is the unit of measure that is used to determine it’s size.   Lastly, if a diamond has a certificate or grading report the value of the stone is usually higher.

Diamonds can be cut into various shapes such as Round Diamonds, Princess Diamonds, Emerald Diamonds, Oval Diamonds, Marquise Diamonds, Pear Diamonds and Trillion Diamonds.  Diamonds also are rated by a rating system.  The rating scale varies,  some examples are: F, IF, VVS1 & VVS2, SI1 & SI2, I1, I2 & I3. If your stone has been certified, your certification certificate should show the rating of your diamond as well as other factors.  Keep in mind that an appraisal is not a rated certificate.  In fact, many appraisals do not accurately reflect the honest value of your gold, silver or diamond jewelry.

Many customers are unaware of the true value of their stone.  Some of our customers, believed their stone to be worth less than we actually offered.  Luckily for them they came to CT Gold and Silver first.  Many dealers will take advantage of uneducated sellers.  It is important that you educate yourself before selling your diamond to ANY dealer or broker.  It is important that you understand your diamonds aproximate value.

CT Gold and Silver will make selling your diamond a pressure free experience and we strive to provide top dollar for your stone.  Many diamond sellers come to us after dealing with our competition, only to find that we are offering 2 to 3 times the dollar amount.   Selling your stone should be a positive process and CT Gold and Silver wants you to leave our premises feeling that you were NOT taken advantage of.  With over 30 years experience in Diamond Buying, we have the expertise needed to evaluate your stone and offer you some of the highest prices around.

Before you go to our competition to sell diamonds in CT, and are possibly taken advantage of, come to CT Gold and Silver, trusted # 1 by thousands of customers in Connecticut for our honesty, service and professionalism.