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Whether you have inherited a collection or you are an avid collector, our sports memorabilia expert will gladly evaluate your items and make an offer for immediate payment. We buy sports and non-sports trading cards, jerseys, balls, bats, helmets, photos, pucks, and any collectible memorabilia. Just give us a call.

Pre-War Sports/Non-sports Trading Cards

Pre-War Trading Cards were printed before World War 2 and include popular sets such as the T206 1909-1911 Baseball Tobacco Card Set, the 1933 Goudey Baseball & Indian Gum Chewing Gum Card Sets, the 1938 Horrors Of War Card Set and more.  Sets from this era survived the downfall of the trading card markets and have continued to grow in value as well as in interest among collectors. We fully understand their value and rarity which is why we are actively buying these cards at premium dollar. Our expert in this field checks the market on a daily basis to ensure highest dollar paid in any condition. Ungraded cards will be examined and graded by our expert to establish a value based on the grading of Poor to Gem Mint. Cards graded by PSA or SGC will receive an extra premium.

Sports Autographs

We are interested in autographs on baseballs, bats, jerseys, photographs and trading cards. These timeless pieces of history are a gateway into the past and are still widely collected. Autographs that have been authenticated by PSA/DNA, JSA and Steiner will receive a premium.  Autographs certified by another company or that have no paperwork will be appraised by our expert for purchase. Popular sought after autographs include Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Thurman Munson, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, and Michael Jordan among others.

Vintage Sport/Non-Sports Trading Cards

Vintage Trading Cards, both sports and non-sports related, still have value as well. Cards that fit into this category were printed before 1975. Sought after sets from this era include the short printed banned 1962 Mars Attacks Space Invaders Set, the underrated 1951 Bowman Baseball Card Set, and the 1969 Topps Baseball Card Set which included many Hall Of Famers such as Mickey Mantle and Nolan Ryan. These cards, just as the Pre-War Trading Cards, are given a value based upon their condition from Poor to Gem Mint. Cards already graded by PSA or SGC will receive an additional premium.